Ancestry of the Heebink Family of Aalten, the Netherlands and Baldwin, Wisconsin

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This website is devoted to the history and ancestry of the Heebink family of Aalten, the Netherlands (or Holland) and follows them as they migrate to America in 1854. There is much to enjoy in the story of their life in Holland of the early 1800’s, their adventurous journey across the Atlantic and finally their settlement in a region of western Wisconsin known as the “Happy Valley” in a village called Baldwin.

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What you will find here...

There are many photos, artifacts, stories, etc. about the Heebink family; mostly around the time of settlement in the new world. I'll keep adding items as I come across them. In particular are:

  • The Heebink Geschiedenis (History) by Neil Heebink
  • Portions of the Ship's (The Lily) log including many of the Heebinks
  • An extended geneology from 1700-1800 (found in church records in Aalten)
  • A letter from Herman Heebink to his niece in Aalten written in 1883
  • Chapter from a book on Holland Emigrants of the 19th Century - Everet Smilda
  • More to come...

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